Buy-A-Van offer finance at rates that other companies just cannot offer.  Below are the finance options we have available to our customers.

Hire Purchase

If ownership is a priority then this is the most cost-effective route to purchasing your vehicle.

    • Low deposit – from only £500.
    • Flexible repayment period – up to 60 months in most instances.
    • You can choose to settle off loan at any time.
    • No mileage restrictions.
    • Fixed monthly repayment aids budgetary control and cash flow.
    • Repayments are not subject to VAT.
    • Ownership of vehicle will pass when the agreement is completed.
    • 100% of interest charges can be offset against taxable profits.
    • Vehicle is shown as an asset on your balance sheet.
    • Writing down allowances are claimable; Year 1 – 50%  Year 2 – 25%  Year 3 – 25%  etc…  etc…
    • If VAT is put down as deposit it is reclaimable (VAT registered customers).
    • Leaves you with additional lines of credit.


Our Hire Purchase Package Is Unique.

We have negotiated a £500 only deposit on commercial vehicles with no VAT to pay up front. We can also offer £nil deposits on finance for cars. (Subject To Status).

95% of our customers take out Hire Purchase agreements secured against their vehicles. The advantages of doing this as opposed to taking out a personal loan include;

    • If you are unable to make the repayments the finance company will take your vehicle back to recover your debt, not your house.
    • If you want to pay off your loan early you will not be charged all of the interest.
    • There is a clause on your credit agreement that allows you to hand your vehicle back to the finance company and wipe off your debt providing you have paid a certain percentage of the loan off already.
    • You leave your personal credit line clear for further borrowing.

Finance Lease

This facility provides some of the benefits of ownership with the flexibility of rental.

    • Deposits are usually the equivalent of three rentals, but can be any amount.
    • Repayment period of up to 60 months.
    • Monthly rental payments are subject to VAT – VAT is reclaimable quarterly (VAT registered customers).
    • Rentals are 100% allowable against taxable profits.
    • On balance sheet.
    • At the end of the agreement the vehicle must be sold to an independent third party, the third party is then invoiced on your instruction and you will receive 95% of sales proceeds (ex. VAT).
    • Alternatively you may be able to return the vehicle to the finance company who will then sell it and return 95% of the net sale proceeds to you (ex. VAT), after collection of fees and deductions.
    • Fixed monthly rentals aid cash flow and budgetary control.

Contract Hire

Comprehensive fixed cost solution without the responsibilities of ownership. Can include full maintenance package at additional cost. Mileage sensitive – be careful!

    • Deposits are anything from 3 rentals upwards.
    • Monthly rental payments are subject to VAT – VAT is reclaimable quarterly (VAT registered customers).
    • You agree the mileage you wish to cover over the period of the agreement – usually 24-36 months.
    • Total budgetary control with fixed costs – as long as you stay within mileage limit!
    • You have the use of the vehicle without a large capital outlay.
    • Off balance sheet.
    • Just hand back the vehicle at end of contract and pay any excess mileage or damage charges, if applicable.
    • Rentals are 100% allowable against taxable profits.


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